Thursday, 26 February 2009

Thursday Training



More L3 work and a much better session today with a lower HR and generally feeling more comfortable. I'm trying to pay greater attention to my recovery routine and I'm sure it makes a real difference. There is an article in this week's Cycling Weekly about the Team Columbia recovery arrangements which I shall read with interest and see if I can pick up any little snippets of information to try.

Nice thing is that tomorrow I have a rest day scheduled which I am looking forward to, time for a haircut! My TSB is currently about -7 and after my rest day I should have a slightly +ve TSB which is exactly where I wanted it to be on Saturday, not too tired and not too rested so a realistic state in which to enter the trial :-) If the weather is decent I'm also planning a proper L2 ride on Sunday which, if the sun comes out, would be fantastic!

Really hoping for some decent weather for the team endurance trial but I guess what will be will be, as always!

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