Friday, 6 March 2009

Friday Training



Steady L3 session completed with no problems. Touch wood I seem to be recovering pretty well on a day to day basis which is good and I think I can now deal reasonably well with 2 L4 sessions during the week as long as I don't go bonkers doing them.

Pleased to see that the apparent recovery in my HR position during this session is continuing and things seem to have returned to normal and are staying there. Really felt pretty comfortable today and there was no indication that the additional L4 work has had any adverse effects.

Planning a longer L3 ride tomorrow, forecast for the morning not too bad but likely to be wetter and windier later, no surprises there! Will just take it as it comes. If the weekend goes to plan this week should see a small step up in my CTL which is what I'm planning to begin around this time, slowly does it, no rush.

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