Saturday, 14 March 2009

Saturday Training



Very windy today and ventured out to the meeting point in Alnwick @ 8 but none of the usual culprits were about. However, a new guy showed up who races at Cat II and the two of us did 4 hours over undulating roads covering about 72 miles, a bracing ride indeed.

Overall this was a good CV L3 workout with my HR for much of the time in L3. The power distribution showed the usual pattern for road riding with a good 33% of the time in L1 and another good slice in L2, not what on paper I would call efficient training but I am sure an effective workout.

As mentioned before it was very windy and quite chilly and I certainly had some fatigue in my legs before we set off from a solid week of training. So, pleased to get round Ok, NP for the 4 hour ride was 248W and generated a TSS of 254. VI was 1.15 which I think represents the influence of the wind in particular which at times practically brought things to a standstill!

Another solid ride in the bag/legs :-)

Actual average speed and distance covered somewhat higher, map data estimated from BlackBerry GPS :-)

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