Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Training



Nice ride today, certainly the best weather of the year so far though the wind got up again quite a bit quite early on in the ride. Covered just over 53 miles with a NP of 239W so after yesterday's exertions that was fine.

Felt happy with how I felt and things look promising for the Tour of Ireland as I seem now to be absorbing my training quite happily and so far, touch wood, I seem to be recoverng probably better than I have in the past.

Saw a local road race going through and a few guys I know were riding but it was difficult to confidently pick people out, not long after that one of our guys punctured with the usual delays caused by such things. Quite a bit happened on the ride, particularly serious was one of the guys going one a hell of a clatter on a shaded bend which was very slippery. Fortunately he doesn't seem to have any really serious injuries and was able to ride home but it will need new overshoes and gloves as a minimum. The crash happened at 09:42 at the following position: N 55.191 W 1.872, dangerous corner.

As predicted when a bit of half decent weather kicks in and I am able to get out on the road at the weekend my CTL starts to rise pleasingly. I'm glad I've pegged it at about 75-80 over the Winter and I'll now let it start to rise and just watch that my TSB doesn't get too low. After today's ride my CTL is up to 87.5 with a TSB now at -16.4 which is as low as I'm going to let it go during my routine training phases.

I've accumulated a TSS of 451 in the last 48 hours and with a few more weeks of training where I can get out properly at the weekends my CTL should rise to 90-95 which is about where I want it to be at this time of year.

Time for another protein and banana milk shake with added Greek yoghurt methinks :-)

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Ride route below,usual caveats re speed and distance data from the BlackBerry!

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