Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Tuesday Training



This was a repeat of the much-loved RAMP test which I had decided to do to establish my current MAP and to allow me to set some reasonably accurate training wattages for the forthcoming L5 work.

My plan is to establish a baseline now and then repeat this test after several weeks of L5 work to see just how effective or otherwise my L5 training actually is, so that I can make changes as required. I was not expecting there to be any significant change in this result in comparison with the RAMP test I did in January simply because I have not been doing the type of training required to improve my MAP and therefore VO2 max figures.

The test proved me right, the figures were marginally higher than at the last test but not significantly. I am pleased with this outcome as it tells me that over the last couple of months of cold miserable weather and with a recent consolidation rather than build period I have at least maintained what was already a reasonably healthy MAP.

So, a satisfactory outcome, and I have confidence in working from this baseline. The test was done not fully rested and with a slight -ve TSB, as was the case for my last test so I remain confident that this is a conservative figure. For the record my MAP at this test was 419W with a peak wattage of 430W. My 5 minute power was 369W and I will use this figure to start my L5 training, I'll be starting with 4 minute efforts @ a nice round number, 370W.

According to "Training and Racing with a Power Meter" my VO2 max work should be done at 106-120% of my FTP. My current FTP is about 313W and 370W would be 118% of that, so I'll be working in the upper part of L5. Should that initially prove to be too much I can drop it back a little way and still be working in the right general power zone. If I based my calculations on my tested MAP I would be working at 88% of MAP so it looks as if no matter which way I look at it 370W is about the right wattage!

Interestingly my HR remained a little way off my known maximum which also makes me feel that this is a conservative MAP estimate, I think residual fatigue in my legs was the reason for this.

That's it, all going according to plan, I may start to sprinkle in a few L5 efforts soon just to get myself used to working at that intensity before the real work begins, I'm confident that the foundations are pretty solid.

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