Sunday, 26 April 2009

Sunday Training



Went up to the usual meeting place today to see who was about and hooked up with 3 of the local chaps. Weather was good, after the last couple of days on the tandem I didn't want to do a particularly long or hard ride and as it happened one of my mates wasn't feeling too hot after some hard riding the day before so we just trundled along happily.

Part way through the ride it became clear that my pal was really struggling so I chased after the other 2 and told them the situation and I rode back at a steady pace with my mate which we enjoyed, possibly I more than he. I even shared my flapjack with him, such generosity!

Anyhow, we arrived back having covered just under 50 miles which was still a decent little ride for us. My NP for the ride was 245W which was fine and I surprised myself by hitting a peak wattage of 848W by accident at some point, not sure where that came from!

Anyway, been a good week, the main thing was that the Vi-Ability ride went well and was enjoyed by the youngsters.

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