Saturday, 25 April 2009

Vi-Ability Stage 2


Arrived safely back at our start point after about 75 hilly miles over the 2 days on the tandems with the Vi-Ability youth group. It's been a really memorable trip on so many levels and I feel I have so much to learn from these youngsters and they have certainly changed the way I look at many things and I am sure that will continue.

Rode today with a young lady called Amy who really worked hard and chatting to her the things she is doing with her life in spite of her difficulties are inspiring. The weather was kind to us and for the first time this year I actually rode in a short sleeved shirt which made a pleasant change.

The route we took is shown below, certainly a route I would ride again, I may well do it again on a tandem :-) Ignore the speed data below, many stops and starts included, including a lengthy picnic in the sun!

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