Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thursday Training



Back to L4 20 minute efforts and back up to 300W, the first time I've done this session for a little while, it went well :-) Never easy of course but my HR was back at the sort of "pre-problem" levels as was the RPE and I could definitely have continued.

Particularly pleased that once again my HR levels were virtually identical for both efforts (data below) suggesting to me that the degree of physiological strain was very similar for both efforts rather than the situation where effort 2 is clearly more of a CV challenge. I think 305W is looming for these sessions.

So, I think at any rate that I've pretty much regained lost ground and my CTL is slowly but surely starting to climb again. I now have a little under 3 weeks until I set off for the Tour of Ireland (riding starts 3 weeks from today) so I'm hoping to gain about 6 or 7 CTL points before I set off as I still have 3 weekends to go. If this goes according to plan I should be starting the tour with a CTL of 85-90 which should be fine and I'm sure after over 500 miles in 5 days it will be well over 100, it may be the highest I've ever had, a brave new world!

Keep plugging away...

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