Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wednesday Training



Just wanted to turn my legs over today rather than do anything serious so decided to ride a 10 mile TT on the VeloTron but riding at an average speed of 20mph to ensure that I'd finish in about 30 minutes, in the end I wasn't far off, finishing in 29:58.

This was deliberately a very easy ride with a NP of just 189W but I felt that was ideal just to keep the momentum up, I racked up the astonishing TSS score of 18.2 :-)

It's not all about hard work as I have learned to my cost in the past, tomorrow sees the return of 2x20 @ L4 back at 300W, if that goes Ok I'll feel that I'm pretty much back where I was before I felt unwell. Let's hope for a good one tomorrow.

[Uploaded 16/04/2009 11:36:47]

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