Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Tuesday Training



Good steady L3 ride, certainly not full gas but I was happy with a NP of 251W for over 2.5 hours and an average speed of 19mph. This was a cold solo ride with a steady breeze off the North Sea, an Easterly, on a grey and miserable day.

I still seem to be heading in the right direction but am not going mad and I should be getting the results of my blood tests tomorrow morning, I'm hoping that all will be well. May well not be able to get any training done tomorrow what with the Drs and everything but I might try to do a bit of something rather than nothing at all, if time allows.

Been reading some interesting stuff about caffeine and it's effect on the adrenals. Currently pulling my thoughts together and I think in the fairly near future I'll devote a VTTV episode to caffeine and how I feel it fits, or doesn't fit, into the grand scheme of things as I see it.

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