Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday Training



Ah well, having taken the decision not to make the 80+ mile round trip to the TLI race the forecast rain didn't arrive. I decided instead to plough on with my threshold work and to raise the bar slightly based on how my last couple of L4 sessions had gone, I ended up doing a session I was pleased with and which I am sure was productive.

Opted for 2x20 @ 305W and would probably have been Ok @ 310W. The session was as always uncomfortable but perfectly manageable. I feel that as things are going at the moment I'm doing something right. Last week was a very solid week for me covering 225 miles with a TSS of 756 but I seem to have recovered well from it which is encouraging.

Some while since I did this session and my HR data were good and slightly better than the last identical session, which was done the week before the FTP test where I tested at 313W. On this basis I believe my current FTP to be at or slightly above that level.

The most encouraging thing at the moment is how well I seem now to be recovering and that I seem to have shaken off that leaden legs feeling. I'm hoping that I've got my CTL build plan about right and that the Tour of Ireland will round that off nicely. Shame my CTL took a dive when I had that episode but it now seems to be in "controlled ascent" ;-)

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