Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Wednesday Training



Nice sweet spot session done today @ 285W and once I'd settled in to the work this felt good. Still feeling that things are on track and am hoping for a good ride in the Tour of Ireland.

HR data for this session was about the same as previously which is fine, particularly having done a solid L4 session only about 12 hours ago, still seem to recovering well which is just great.

Rest day tomorrow in readiness for the 2 day tandem tour with the Vi-Ability youngsters, really hope that goes well. It was such a shame that the Bold Tulip TT was cancelled by the organisers, I don't think there were going to be enough competitors, a bitter disappointment for the kids. No way I was going to allow them to have some fun taken away from them like that, hence the 2-day mini tour, just hope it goes Ok!

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