Monday, 25 May 2009

Monday (not) Training


Bank Holiday Monday was spent at the cottage continuing with the work on the garden and generally enjoying ourselves outside in the sun. Lorena and I did go out and rode for about 8-10 miles on the local cycle paths on our folding Brompton's which was good fun, great little bikes they are, pack away brilliantly in small cases for transportation.

So, 2 days of no "proper" cycle training and very nice it's been too, there is a lot about life to be enjoyed as well as cycling. One always has to have in mind the question "what if I couldn't cycle?" - important to keep a balance.

Talking of keeping a balance, I'll not need to tomorrow as I'll be back on the VeloTron for my L4/L5 combination session so I won't need to balance at all. Not a session I look forward to but I guess it's not for too long :-)

Think I'll have about 90 geraniums to plant tomorrow too, now won't that be fun!

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