Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tuesday Training



Didn't really feel like training today after all the gardening but at the back of my mind I knew that once L5 type training has begun it really needs to continue if at all possible. These gains are made quite quickly but they evaporate just as quickly.

So, another L/L5 combination session with the usual 1x20 L4 (300W) effort followed by 3x4 L5 (350W) efforts was in my plan so that's exactly what I did. Felt rotten at first and thought I was going to struggle but I ploughed on and in the end the session went really quite well. It was a bit weird that during some parts of the 20 minute 300W effort it actually felt reasonably comfortable, long may that continue!

The HR profiles for the L5 efforts were very similar and there was no sign of excess strain in the third effort again so I've decided on Thursday to try reducing the L4 effort to 15 minutes but at 305W and then increasing the number of 350W efforts to 4 and we'll see how that goes. The theory behind this is that I'll be increasing my time in my target training zone by this approach whilst maintaining a very similar TSS for the session.

Comparing the time spent in my L5 HR zone for the last 3 identical sessions there has been a distinct change. The problem is that HR is very variable but it's been interesting to see how things have altered even over 3 of these sessions. The percentages of the total session time spent in my L5 HR zone for the recent sessions are as follows:

19.05.2009 - 11%
21.05.2009 - 5.8%
26.05.2009 - 2.2%

On the face of it this appears to at least suggest (everything else being unchanged) that the CV stress of the sessions has declined and it's time to change things, hence my decision to alter the session.

I'll be continuing with this L4/L5 work for a while yet and have scheduled in a provisional MAP (RAMP) test for around Tuesday 9th of June, nice to have that to look forward to! At least, if nothing else, I seem to be coping with this intensity of training better than I have previously, almost certainly as a result of my approach over the Winter. Onwards and upwards!

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