Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sunday Training



Met up with a mate of mine and we headed out for a hilly figure-of eight ride in brilliant weather. The trial of the Schwalbe Ultremo R tyres continues and they continue to perform really well and in spite of riding on less than ideal roads there is still not a mark on them though the trial is still only 85 miles old.

The ride was pretty hilly and by the time we had finished we had climbed around 4617' in about 3.5 hours and covered 62 miles. The ride was taken at a sensible training pace with efforts on the hills but the rest at a steady cruise, there was plenty of breath for chatting and no draughting done.

So, a lovely ride, I will definitely ride this route again as required by my training programme. Some data from the ride, NP 251W, TSS 227, VI 1.31 (that's a hilly road race kind of number!), average HR 135.

Route below:

[Uploaded 31/05/2009 21:38:49]



  2. Hi

    Yes, been following this and am taking Schwalbe's advice of regular inspections for the first 100 miles, all seems fine so far, very nice tyres. Awaiting details of the affected batch which should be on the Schwalbe website within a day or so. Also publishing my experience with these tyres on Twitter with the hashtag #SchwalbeUltremoR.

    I've heard plenty of non Schwalbe tyres go bang too!

    Thanks for the input.