Thursday, 28 May 2009

Thursday Training



The second L4/L5 combination session of the week. Given recent experiences I had decided to modify the session and I reduced the length of the L4 effort from 20 minutes to 15 minutes and added in an extra 4 minute L5 effort to the second block to increase the % of the session done at L5 but to maintain the total TSS of the session at around the same level.

The session went well. Again the L4 section @ 300W felt fine and this is a very effective warmup for the L5 work, I then managed to complete the 4 L5 efforts @ 350W without any more distress than might be expected.

I'm pleased with how this work is going and the % of the time spent in the L5 HR zone for this session dropped further to the point where virtually no time at all was in L5, my HR for these efforts has fallen significantly and consistently. I'm not concerned about this and am happy to work away knowing I'm working in the middle of my L5 power zone (I'm above 110% of FTP). I don't want to blast away and overdo things, I'd rather keep making small adjustments to the session until I reach a full 20 minutes of L5 work during the session, this will be 1x10@L4 followed by 5x4@L5.

Once I have that session well established I'll start raising the wattages for the L5 efforts and see where that takes me. My plan is to persist with this work until such time as my MAP tests indicate that my progress in developing my VO2 Max is stalling and then I'll back off again.

Anyway, I'm making progress at the moment, even based on feel and my HR data things are looking positive, the forthcoming MAP test will reveal all! It is interesting to look back and remember sometimes, my data show that back in March 2008 I was trying to do these efforts at 320W and struggling, and that was without a long L4 effort beforehand - progress!

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