Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wednesday Training


Nothing too exciting planned for today, just some L3 work to keep my aerobic fitness, such as it is, up to scratch. I'm going to try to do a couple of L5 sessions per week for the next little while so I'm not going to be doing anything too taxing between these sessions in the hope that I'll get some real benefit from them.

Things are generally looking pretty good at the moment. I seem to have recovered well from the Tour of Ireland and am now over the horrible cold I got immediately afterwards. The first few training sessions after the tour were always going to be a challenge, even just getting going again as I enjoy resting, but I now seem to be back into the swing of things and I just need to keep things rolling.

My next event is a 100+ mile sportive in just over 3 weeks which is run fairly near to where I live called the Northern Rock Cyclone. I had a good ride in this event last year finishing in about 5:27 with a gold standard award so am hoping to do at least as well this year and maybe make a small improvement, much will depend on the weather and I must surely be due for some decent weather for one of these events!

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