Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Tuesday Training



Ok, time to kick-start the training with a bit of higher intensity stuff without going too mad. I'm working on the theory that my BPV will be back up now after some L3 work and my muscle enzymes will have started to work properly again. On top of this I should be reasonably well over the inevitable muscle fatigue from the Tour of Ireland.

With all this is mind I set myself a reasonably challenging combination session. After my usual warm-up I did a 20 minute effort @ L4 (300W) and followed this up with 3 four minute efforts in L5, at 350W.

Interestingly the initial L5 efforts felt Ok after plenty of time at around my threshold and it was only during the last effort that it started to tell as general fatigue set in, I think I may also have been a touch short of CHO by the end, that's how it felt anyway.

So, a very satisfactory introduction of my L5 work which, having started it, I now have to continue with as the training benefits of it evaporate like puddles in the breeze and I don't want the discomfort to have been wasted!

I think I'm going to try to do a session like this twice a week for the next little while adding an extra L5 effort in due course and then a fifth effort whilst also reducing the length of the L4 effort at the start from 20 minutes to 15, I don't want these sessions to become too long or to end up doing low quality efforts :-)

So, that's the plan, the real suffering is now starting but I'm feeling positive about it. The TSS for this session was 88 including the warm-up, with an IF of 0.88.

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