Sunday, 21 June 2009

Sunday Training



A brisker ride today and back into the rolling countryside of Northumberland, I even rode a small part of the Northern Rock Cyclone route again! Took it fairly steady but made some efforts on the hills and to be honest I felt better climbing than I have recently, maybe my weight loss efforts are starting to bear a little fruit.

I set a surprisingly good time round my hilly 50 mile circuit ad most importantly I enjoyed myself. I even stopped to take a couple of photographs and just enjoy the moment.

TSS for the ride came in at 195 which was fine. My CTL is still sorting itself out after the Tour of Ireland and returning to my more sustainable level of 85-90 which I seem to ride best at. Strange that for me a very high CTL, if I try to sustain it, just makes me more tired rather than better and it all just becomes far too time-consuming for my modest objectives.

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