Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thursday Training



More hard work with another L4/L5 combination session doing 1x15@300W followed by 4x4@350W. As expected I'm carrying some fatigue in my legs most of the time at the moment so the session wasn't comfortable, but actually went surprisingly well.

I continue to be surprised at the sustained drop in my HR when working at L5 and I'm particularly pleased to note that the average HR figures for the 4 L5 efforts are now essentially identical. Rightly or wrongly this suggests to me that I'm coping as well with the last effort as the first and that it's time to raise the bar.

I think based on the above that what I should now do is move to 1x10@L4 followed by 5x4@L5 which would give me a full 20 minutes of L5 work for the session, which has been my target. However, next week is not the right time for me to be doing this as I don't want to tip the "fatigue scales" so I'll hold off on this increase for a couple of weeks before moving on.

Steady as she goes, L2/L3 on the road tomorrow, unfortunately rain is forecast :-(

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