Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thursday Training



Back into the hills today and I thought out of interest I'd return to my old friend Lemmington Bank and see what my current climbing time is like between my markers. I wasn't expecting anything amazing as I've been doing no specific hill training so I was pleasantly surprised.

I just did three climbs of the hill and completed all of them comfortably below 7 minutes at a 350-360W average power per ascent. The climbing pace was not that even as much of the climb was against a significant breeze which made the whole experience that much more delightful ;-)

So, I'm currently climbing this hill as well as I ever have done with 3 important points of note:

1) There was a headwind.
2) In a few months time I'll be significantly lighter than I am now.
3) I have not been doing any specific hill training prior to this session.

All things considered I'm very encouraged by this. This particular climb is also quite steep and does not therefore do the larger rider any favours. I'm reasonably confident that over the next few months I'll go below the 6:30 mark which would be good on this gradient. I also noticed that I didn't have to engage as low a gear as I previously have, another good sign.

Maybe it's the new tyres, but I doubt it ;-)

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