Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday Training



Time for my RAMP test to see whether my L5 efforts are having any effect and the test went pretty well all things considered. I didn't do the test in a fully rested state but in a "real world" state and I am sure fully rested I could probably squeeze out a further 5-10W at least. I suspect that there may have been some CNS fatigue as well as muscular fatigue lurking around as my peak HR during the test was a bit below my MHR though very similar to the last test I performed.

So, how did I do? The peak power I reached at the end of the test was 440W, my peak 1 minute power (MAP) was 428W and my peak 5 minute power was 378W. This means that since my last test my MAP has increased by about 10W which is neither a startling improvement or insignificant, I think any improvement is to be celebrated.

My plan is now to continue with my L4 and L5 work and to try to maintain a slow improvement. At least by testing at say 3 monthly intervals I can see whether I am making progress. When my MAP finally tops out I will at least know when the time has come to either change my approach or to accept my limits. Whilst I am still making small gains I'll keep ploughing on :-)

Followed the test with some steady L3 work, just keeping both the aerobic base and the CTL topped up.

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