Saturday, 4 July 2009

La Marmotte Today


Well, the day has arrived and today I will be attempting to ride La Marmotte, an Alpine Sportive which most cyclists will have heard of at one time or another, here are a few details if you are interested but there is plenty to be found on the web.

I'm riding with a few mates and we plan to enjoy the ride and not go at it like lunatics. Our aim is to finish safely and to enjoy the experience though I'm not convinced enjoy is quite the right word for it!

I'm planning to carry my GPS tracker with me during the ride which will update my position every 5 minutes or so I hope. If you would like to check out my progress you can do so at any time by using this link. If you want to check the position using a mobile phone use this link.

Ok, I'll post an update after the event, whenever that may be, so do stop by again later.

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