Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday (not) Training


Right, up early and off down to the registration area and to the Mavic service tent to see if the bottom bracket could be sorted out. The registration went fine at the Palais Des Sports, all very efficient and well organised.

Managed to be first in the queue at the Mavic service tent but unfortunately the guy was unable to fix the problem as the van did not carry suitable spares. The only possible solution lay in a trip down to Bourg d'Oisans to a bike shop there.

My old pal Mark Liversedge came up trumps via the Twitter community and he let me know where the bike shop was and what it was called. Scott kindly drove me down there with the bike in the back and we found the bike shop. The shop was of course busy but the staff were great and fixed the problem with a new Ultegra BB which was fitted expertly and quickly and at a lower cost than I would have had to pay back in the UK.

Panic over, just the small matter of doing the ride now. A short afternoon spin, just 30 minutes, confirmed that all was well with the bike and we were set for the adventure.

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