Thursday, 2 July 2009

Thursday (not) Training


A rest day today which is nice, don't want to be setting off on my trip exhausted! Well, not quite, there was the small matter of getting out to the start of La Marmotte!

It has been VERY difficult to get suitable flights over to anywhere near Alpe d'Huez so we booked to fly from Newcastle to Nice and then drive up to Alpe d'Huez from there. The journey went well, all on time, and we arrived in the afternoon after a smashing journey in our 2 hire cars which we managed to get all our gear in including 3 bike boxes and 2 bike bags.

Nice relaxing evening in our accommodation, until I build my bike. For some unknown reason by bottom bracket bearing had chose this moment to stiffen up badly and this was going to need the services of a mechanic, at least there was tomorrow to get this sorted out.

Not a good start but at least there is time to sort it out, I hope.

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