Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wednesday Training



Well this was my last training session before La Marmotte on Saturday. Just a steady L3 session @ 250W keeping myself ticking over and hopefully preparing adequately for the challenge ahead.

I'm feeling very excited and yet also apprehensive about the ride but I think that's both normal and healthy, it's a long ride with a shocking volume of climbing in it so I think to take it lightly would be very foolish.

I'm feeling well at the moment and I think my preparations have gone pretty much according to plan and I'm hoping to feel fresh and ready to go on Saturday morning. Still a little fatigue in my legs today but that's Ok and is to be expected after yesterday's hill work. I now have 2 days with no training and a high carbohydrate intake so with any luck I should feel Ok. I'm on target for a TSB of +13.4 for Saturday which I think is about right for me, based on a 20 TSS spin on Friday for maybe 30 minutes :-)

I'll try to keep the blog updated as and when I can and I'll keep the Twitter output going as time allows, France here I come!

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