Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tuesday Training



The last significant ride before I set off to tackle La Marmotte. As planned I went my usual route and did 3 repeats of Lemmington Bank which is always a joy ;-)

Rode the first one pretty hard and managed to scrape in with a PB for the climb which was nice. Took the next 2 climbs steadily as I don't particularly want to fry my legs for obvious reasons. NP for the first climb was 372W with an average of 367W, the climb is about 1.1 miles in length and yet again there was a headwind :-( I'm sure I'll get below 6:30 if only the wind would either drop or change direction!

So, I'm pretty well on target for a TSB of around 13.5 for Saturday morning which is I think about the right ball park for me. I've had good rides with a TSB of around +8 and I've had not so good rides with a TSB as high as +26 when I felt distinctly stale in spite of keeping up some high intensity work in the last week before that event.

My plan has been to just keep it really simple. Keep on training up to Wednesday without going mad and then a couple of "rest" days during which I'll eat a sensible high carbohydrate diet without absolutely stuffing myself.

It won't surprise you to know that I've been recording what I've been doing just in case it works really well, the theory goes that I can then keep repeating it.

Hoping to sleep well tonight, a few big days coming my way in more ways than one.

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