Monday, 29 June 2009

Monday Training



I normally take Monday as rest day but of late I have just been doing an easy session just to keep me ticking over and to keep the weight under control and it seems to have been serving me well.

Tonight my plan was just to do something steady for about 40 minutes that would require me to use around 400kcal, and I decided to do something a little different as an experiment.

I set up a .erg file for a 60 minute workout which started at 100W and slowly increased to 300W by 60 minutes. The plan was for me to ride until I'd reached my energy expenditure plan and I guessed that this would be around 40 minutes up the ramp, then stop.

So, that's what I did and it was quite a nice session, virtually all the riding was in L1 (39.6%) and L2 (59.8%). I felt absolutely fine at the end and had used my 400kcal and ridden for 42:35. NP for the ride was a very comfy 184W and the highest wattage at the 400kcal point was 242W.

I'm just wondering whether this approach might make for some interesting and useful 60 minute workouts as by their nature they incorporate a warmup and a cool down could easily be tagged on. I may experiment over the Winter with some similar sessions but ramping up to levels above threshold, to be ridden for the full 60 minutes.

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