Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday Training


Just some more steady L3 work to keep the adipocytes at bay :-)

Pleased today with how my HR is steadily falling (I'm pretty sure it's not due to fatigue) in relation to certain loads, I believe that this may well be in response to the training I have been doing on the boundary between L4 and L5, the "sour spot".

Today for example I was riding at 250W and my HR was down at an average around 136-137, in the past this would have been in the upper 140s or maybe 150, certainly felt very comfortable.

I'm satisfied at the moment that my power output is holding up nicely in spite of my calorie restricted diet which is what I was hoping would be the case. I've been doing some reading lately about how training on lower food intakes may be beneficial to overall performance in the longer term so in a way I'm experimenting on myself along those lines. In terms of carbohydrate/protein/fat intake I'm trying to keep a 60-20-20 balance as far as possible and thus far I seem to be able to train perfectly well on that.

Hopefully when I've shed the required extra weight and I raise my CHO intake back to "normal" levels I'll get a further small boost, time will tell.

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