Sunday, 12 July 2009

Sunday Training



Time to get back into a bit of harder work and this went surprisingly well really as I had approached the session with some trepidation as it's been a while since I did any structured SST work.

Anyway, rode one of my .erg files which delivered 2x20 @ 285W which I managed without any particular problems, my HR was surprisingly low for this wattage. My average heart rates for the 2 efforts were 148BPM and 152BPM respectively which I was pleased about, some while ago my "standard" HR was 150BPM for L3 work @ about 255W so something has changed.

Definitely time to get stuck back into some solid aerobic work and I plan to be back into my L4 work again next week.

[Uploaded 14/07/2009 21:02:39]

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