Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thursday Training



I still intend to try to raise my FTP a little if I can and I'm going to try doing some shorter intervals (10 minutes) at a wattage somewhat above my last tested threshold to try and "pull" things up a little. I believe that this will also have a +ve impact on my VO2 Max which should show eventually in an improved MAP test result. I'm hoping this, coupled with weight loss, will help me climb shorter (1-2 mile) climbs a little better than I presently do.

What I did for this session was 4x10 minute intervals at 320W (with 5 minute recoveries) which I know to be about 10W above my threshold. I wasn't expecting to enjoy the session which was fortunate, because I didn't. I didn't know whether I would get to the end of the session, but I did :-)

In summary I ended up working for a total of 40 minutes at a level at least 20W higher than I would normally do my L4 work and in overall terms my 60 minute average wattage during this session was 276W, that's a hard 60 minutes for me, especially when 40 minutes of it is at 320W.

My plan is to try to do this session once per week as well as my other work and replace an existing SST session with it. The longer term plan is to continue in the medium and longer term with this type of work and see where it takes me.

This 75 minute session yielded the following:

TSS: 101.5
IF: 0.901
NP: 282W

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