Thursday, 23 July 2009

Thursday Training


Hard work today, I find generating a TSS of 100+ on the turbo hard graft but that's what this session does. This was back to the training session I introduced last week where I started some 10 minute efforts on the boundary between L4 and L5, doing them at 320W, I'm calling it Sour Spot training :-)

As last week this was very hard work but I felt not quite as bad as last week. This was supported by my HR data which was slightly lower than for the same session last week. As we all know this could be for all sorts of reasons but it didn't feel quite so bad which is what matters.

So I think I'm pretty settled for a few weeks with 2 core threshold sessions per week, this one and my Tuesday session doing the critical time work. I'll give all this a little time to see if it yields anything and if not I'll think again!

HR distribution from today's session:

HR distribution from identical session last week:

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