Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday Training


Lovely ride today ridden at quite a brisk pace on a windy day over a hilly route.

The good thing was that I felt fine throughout in spite of being off the road for a while and I am convinced that several things are proving to be beneficial:

1). Training in a calorie deficient state to lose weight, this is forcing my body to adapt to metabolise fat for energy to a greater extent.

2). A 30 minute L4 effort in training at or just above threshold, once a week.

3). 4x10 minute L4 intervals approximately 10W above threshold, once a week.

So, I'm optimistic that I'm going in the right direction, my plan is to do at least one ride such as this each weekend for the next 4 weeks and I also have a 2 day event coming up which should top up my endurance nicely.

NP for the 3+ hour ride was 268W, with an average HR of 135BPM, happy with that, for the moment ;-)

Onwards and upwards.

Route below:

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