Sunday, 9 August 2009

Sunday Training



The weather was good when I set off this morning for a longer ride, I planned to be out for about 4 hours. I knew my legs would feel a bit tired after yesterday so the plan was to ride very much a L2 intensity and I did exactly that. As I saw the numbers rise on the PowerTap down the gears I went, just keeping the output down and the stress low.

The ride went well though I was faced with an unexpected headwind on the way back down the coast and I caught several squally showers though I think I missed the worst of them.

Happy with the TSS of 204 by the time I got home, and with a NP of 218W for the ride this was very comfortable indeed. My average speed for the 70 miles was still 16.7mph and with an average HR of 121 I was happy with how things went. In the end this was another calorie crunching ride en route to my long term objective of being a lot lighter by the time I hit the mountains of the 2010 TdF. All going according to plan so far, this was the sort of pace I plan to be riding next Summer :-)

Route below:

[Uploaded 09/08/2009 19:01:58]

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