Saturday, 8 August 2009

Saturday Training



Hilly ride with a couple of friends scheduled for today, no really long climbs but plenty of short sharp ones including "The Ryals" which are always a bit of fun, as you can see from the photo below:

This is the sort of route where it's very difficult to get into a rhythm as there are constant ups and downs, narrow lanes, poor surfaces, variable wind conditions etc. etc.

Anyway, the weather was good and we had a smashing ride. We took around 18 minutes off our previous time when we rode this circuit. This was I think mainly because there were 3 of us instead of 2, it was not as windy, and we rode generally with more focus.

I was please with my data for the ride which gave me the following figures: 2:50:04, 56 miles, TSS 220, NP 276W, VI 1.23, Ave Sp 19.8mph. Pleased to see that my NP was 276W compared with the last time around this route when there were just 2 of us when it was 268W, at least it looks as if I didn't take it easier this time around!

Good training session this, really a very enjoyable ride, the weather makes such a difference.

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