Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday Training



The plan today was to raise the intensity again in comparison with Tuesday's SST work and get back up into L4 though deliberately a bit below the supra-threshold efforts I was doing not long ago.

Settled today for 40 minutes of L4 work @ 300W which was just about right. My current theory (one of the many!) is that there are benefits to be gained by training quite hard in a calorie deficient state. I reckon that one then gains a real benefit when the fuel gets thrown onto the fire when really required, rather than it being there all the time.

I'm finding in this way that my current primary objective, to shed some weight ready for next year, is being achieved. In addition to this with the limited testing I've done I've found that when I really fill up the fuel tanks I feel as if I'm raring to go.

Only time will tell how this will pan out. So far I'm encouraged and even if the sudden fuel overload approach doesn't really work out I'll have shed the weight in time for my main objectives in 2010.

There is no doubt that really high intensity training cannot really be adequately performed in a calorie/CHO deficient state and nor should it be but at present I seem to be walking the energy in -> energy out tightrope reasonably well.

ATL: 84.2 CTL: 87.5 TSB: +4.5

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