Friday, 11 September 2009

Friday Training



Just allowing my TSB to rise ready for the weekend and am still nicely on target to hit my required +14-15 on Saturday morning. This has been a nice period of riding, a good ride last weekend and then a restful week before what I hope will be a good weekend to round off the year.

All I did today was about 35 minutes on the turbo which included a ten minute effort @ 305W just to keep my muscle enzyme activity working nicely before the weekend's exertions, without doing too much work.

Enjoyed a good full English brunch today which is the highlight of my preparations, it would be an easy thing to do regularly but my hill climbing would quickly suffer as a result!

So, off to the West coast on stage 1 tomorrow, here's hoping for a good one!

ATL: 69.4 CTL: 83.8 TSB: +11.

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