Saturday, 12 September 2009

C2C2C Stage 1


This weekend involves cycling from Alnmouth on the East coast of the UK over to a place called Silloth on the West coast, a coast-to-coast ride. Sunday involves a return coast-to-coast journey via a different route.

Today was, in a word, fantastic. I rode with Scott, a mate of mine and we covered the 126 miles comfortably in superb weather. Progress was rather slowed by a steady westerly headwind all the way but the name of the game was to enjoy the ride and not break records!

The climb over Hartside was brilliant and the scenery spectacular, certainly an experience that will live with me for as long as my memory continues to function.

We arrived in Silloth to be met by Lorena and Michelle, Michelle is making the return crossing with us tomorrow and I really hope the weather is kind and the wind favourable for us all.

Just a truly wonderful day on the bike, the training has been well worth it.

More data when I get home but today's TSS was just under 400, that's a lot of work!

ATL: 108.3 CTL: 91.8 TSB: +14.4

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