Sunday, 20 September 2009

Sunday Training



Quite a few things to get done today so all in all for me the VeloTron was the better option. Opted for another L3 session at a slightly higher wattage, 255W which went fine. Continued with my "on the drops" drills and already it's starting to feel a little more natural and I'm not eagerly awaiting the end of the on the drops sections, it's feeling fine. I don't know whether it's my imagination or wishful thinking but I'm sure I'm finding it easier to turn the same wattage in this position but we'll make a proper judgement in about 6 weeks time.

Spent a little time on the TT bike I've borrowed first thing this morning, I put it on the turbo to have a play with the position and did get things more comfortable after a bit of tweaking. I think I need another 3-5 indoor plays with the setup before launching it on the road and seeing what the numbers are like on a 10 mile TT course, not sure I want to find out really!

ATL: 96.3 CTL: 91.6 TSB: -8.2

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