Saturday, 19 September 2009

Saturday Training



Planned to go out and see how my weight loss has changed things by trying an ascent of Lemmington Bank. I think I must still be a bit tired as it didn't go very well, ascent time was about the same as prior to weight loss which was a bit of a surprise!

I think the explanation lies in the presence of a headwind and some residual fatigue. My HR was a bit sluggish even though my power output was fine so the headwind was almost certainly the major factor.

I'm not unduly concerned about this as I KNOW I am generally quicker up hills than I was and also I've not been really doing much in the way of top end fitness training so there are a whole host of explanations!

Ended up going for a nice, though very hilly, ride over the moors to Rothbury and then back via Priorsgate, Longframlington and finally over Shilbottle back to Alnwick, about 40 miles in total.

In the afternoon we went out on the tandem for about 20 miles with some friends which was rather a cruise but good fun, which in the end is what matters!

ATL: 100.4 CTL: 92.3 TSB: +0.6

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