Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday Training



Recovery continues and I'm approaching a neutral TSB position now so increased the intensity a bit back up to L3. Nothing too drastic but did 2x20 @ 250W which felt absolutely fine and my HR was ticking along at around 140BPM so very comfortable.

It is a fact that if you want to go faster on a bike the main things you can do are gain power, lose weight, and reduce resistance to forward movement, primarily wind resistance.

My ongoing training is geared to improve power and I am slowly losing weight so that leaves reducing wind resistance to tackle over the next few months. I have decided to make a very positive effort to change my riding position to try to ensure that I am really comfortable riding for extended periods on the drops rather than riding in this position in a rather on and off fashion.

This will have 2 main benefits, it will reduce air resistance and therefore make me go faster for less power, it will also bring my large gluteal muscles into play and to an extent I think spare my quads some work which may leave them a little fresher for out of the saddle efforts when required.

I started this today. What I'm doing initially is during my efforts I'm riding 2 minutes on the drops and then 2 minutes on the tops. As time goes by and the former becomes more natural I'll change the balance and hopefully by the Spring on the drops riding will be my position of choice, and I'll be faster. Good time of year to work on this kind of stuff.

ATL: 89.3 CTL: 89.9 TSB: -2.2

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