Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday Training



Another very steady L2 session @ 225W as my recovery continues, TSB has now come up to -7.0 so still negative but not AS negative! Feeling better, it's quite remarkable how easy 225W feels after say 30 minutes when 150W feels uncomfortable when you first start a session, must be to do with opening up of the vascular beds and a host of other things.

Planning to increased the workload a bit tomorrow and then do some riding over the weekend as time and weather allow, this should see my TSB settle at around zero over the next few days which is where I generally like to be for my ongoing training.

Will be fitting the new load generator to the VeloTron tonight and calibrating it, now won't that be fun!

ATL: 92.8 CTL: 90.6 TSB: -7.0

[Uploaded 17/09/2009 18:15:58]

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