Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Wednesday Training



Another very steady session on the VeloTron riding at a maximum of 225W so well inside L2. Just no point in trying to do any hard work at this stage as my TSB is still down at -12.6 which is not where I like it to be when doing harder work.

Continuing to turn ideas round in my mind about my training for the Winter and have taken some soundings about how I might approach things in the hope that I can still make improvements, which I think I can.

Having some problem getting back into my dietary regime after the blow-out at the weekend but I'll get there, my plan is to continue to lose weight but now at a rate of about 250g per week until such time as I think Wiggo looks fat. Just kidding! ;-)

Looking forward to some nice Autumn rides, definitely going to avoid taking risks and I'll be avoiding riding out in the wet and the cold if at all possible. I've come along way with my indoor work, I've got a lot of faith in it, no need for me to grind out the long cold miles.

ATL: 98.7 CTL: 91.7 TSB: -12.6

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