Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Tuesday Training



The second and last of the week's HIT training sessions, as yesterday I did 8x30 second efforts @ 400W and also as yesterday it wasn't very comfortable! It is still very noticeable though how after a session like this, even though I can feel the effort that has been done in my legs, in general terms my physiology still feels very settled and my HR does not remain elevated after this type of training, so far.

In all honesty I would be quite surprised if this type of training had much of an effect on my FTP or even my MAP but I'm going to stick with it. Why? Because I think this sort of training will train me very well for the demands of riding on the road, particularly in a fast moving group, where sudden bursts of power are the norm.

It's very easy to become a slave to L4 training and very easy to become a slave to the CTL line on the performance management chart but I'm moving away from that at the moment. I KNOW that with a CTL of above 80 I can ride well and that I can ride over 100 miles per day for day after day with that CTL.

What I think I have done in the past is perhaps neglect some areas of my performance and suffered because of it so I'm going to try to correct the balance. I'll be using the PMC as an overview of my current training and fatigue state rather than set quite arbitrary CTL "targets" and next year's form will be the measure of this revised approach, good or bad.

All that said I will still be very interested to see how I fare in my upcoming MAP and FTP tests ;-) I'm continuing with my "on the drops" training which seems to be going well, if I can gain some free speed or use less power for the same speed through this approach then that's great. It's certainly starting to feel more natural and in fact I'm starting to feel less powerful when not on the drops now, interesting.

ATL: 86.0 CTL: 88.9 TSB: -0.2

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