Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday Training



Monday comes around again which at the moment can mean only one thing, the first day of my 2 day block of L6 HIT training :-) Wasn't sure how this was going to go after the weekend but stuck to my plan and increased the number of 30 second 400W efforts by another one up to 8, soon be up at 10, I hope!

Going to be an interesting experiment this rather than keep banging out L4 sessions which I did last year. They certainly improved things but I think I need now to switch to a more mixed and varied approach to things whilst still retaining some structure.

The interesting thing I think about these sessions is because of the HR lag and the 30 second recovery period I never end up with a really high HR for a long period. With this in mind I think it may be a way of really stressing the muscles and forcing them to adapt without simultaneously thrashing the CV system which can leave me pretty drained.

I reckon CV wise the other work I do does the job nicely and I'm hoping this might be a way of stressing either muscles OR CV at any one time rather than just wrecking everything all at once!

Anyway, the session went fine, certainly not comfortable at the end but bearable and I did find on Saturday that it was nice to have a 400W surge in my legs when I needed it and to be able to get over it without any great damage long term. Hopefully more of this work will yield real benefits, if my legs don't drop off.

More L6 tomorrow...

ATL: 89.9 CTL: 89.8 TSB: -3.7

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