Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sunday Training



I thought today having previously done some fiddling about with the Quintana Roo TT bike I've borrowed that I would give it it's first sea trial and get some road data to see what sort of numbers might come out. A reasonable place to start seemed to me to be a local 10 mile TT route which I know about and I've previously managed to find the start and finish marks on the road which are marked with yellow paint next to a couple of drain covers.

The main purpose of the ride was to ride at a decent pace but obviously not race pace and to see whether I could actually maintain the position I have currently got the bike set up in for the duration of the ride. I also wanted to see what sort of numbers came out of the PowerTap as this is far from a flat course and the road surface is, as usual, far from ideal.

I rode down to the start which was about 15 miles and off I went. From a position point of view things went Ok as I didn't feel the need to come off the TT bars and held my position for the 10 miles. It was a pretty windy day and my time over the course was about 25:45 (23.2mph) which wasn't too bad for a first effort. Interestingly my average power for the 10 mile TT was 272W (NP 276W) which is well below what I know I can sustain in terms of pure power output. On the VeloTron I have averaged 315W for 35 minutes so I know in theory at least that 300+W should be possible when I have done some more specific training which should make a difference to the time.

Another factor which must not be ignored is that this was purely a trial and that I had done a hard L3 ride yesterday. My average HR for the test was 156BPM, well below what I know I can sustain when rested.

So, many positives from the ride. made my way home and had covered 40 miles by the time I got back and was back in good time, then off to the beach to meet up with some friends :-)

ATL: 94.4 CTL: 90.6 TSB: -0.9

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