Saturday, 26 September 2009

Saturday Training



The return of the chain gang rides which will hopefully maintain and develop fitness over the Winter when it can be so difficult to keep motivated as a rider if always training solo.

2 mates and I met up at our regular meeting place and away we went to ride 2 laps of our 27+ mile circuit which is never a picnic. The ride went extremely well on a day when there was a very significant breeze from the West. The times for our 2 laps were just 10 seconds apart and each lap was covered in around 72 minutes, or at an average speed of 22.3mph which is an excellent average for well over 50 miles on Northumberland roads!

This was really first class training, my NP for the "effort on" period was 266W with an average HR of 148BPM which I was very happy with. The effort was hard but always manageable and crucially at the end of the ride I didn't feel completely spent which I was pleased about as it's been a god while since we did one of these rides.

ATL: 90.7 CTL: 89.8 TSB: +9.6

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