Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Wednesday Training



Another very easy session today as I prepare for the weekend ahead, no point in starting out tired. The weekend is purely about steady riding at an easy pace which I'm looking forward to so there is no need to be at peak performance (such as it is) and I just want to start off fresh enough to enjoy the ride. The weekend is going to involve around 230 miles of riding by the time we are done so it's certainly quite a hike.

Anyway, with this in mind I just did about 45 minutes at 175-200W which was as always nice and comfortable. One problem I've got at the moment is that I just feel very hungry and I think on balance with what lies ahead I'm going to just have a good feed up for a few days and then continue with my calorie control and weight management plan from Monday, sounds like a good idea from where I'm sitting! Chomp Chomp :-)

Delighted to read today that Colin Griffith's did so well winning the over 50s in the National TT Championships, very well deserved, the man works really hard and deserves his success.

Still on target to hit a TSB of +14.8 on Saturday morning which should give me a fighting chance, and the weather forecast remains promising!

ATL: 83.2 CTL: 87.1 TSB -2.2

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