Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Tuesday Training



My recovery programme continued this evening with some straightforward L2 riding which I did for the most part @ 225W. This is in upper L2 for me and was very comfortable. This also served the purpose of keeping my metabolic rate up and my calories in/out in the right proportions.

I have been VERY pleased so far with how I have recovered from Sunday's exertions and this evening I really was feeling pretty well recovered. This may well not have been the case if I tried to do some L4 type training but that isn't what I need to be doing less than 48 hours after a 400+ TSS ride.

Starting to give my preparations for the 230 mile weekend coming up some thought, I can feel another good full English looming which as you can imagine I do not feel is any great hardship :-)

Looking at the remainder of the week I'm scheduling in a short L4 session on Friday when I'm well recovered and a recovery type ride tomorrow. On Thursday I'll have a day of complete rest and that should see my TSB back to around +14 for Saturday morning. This I hope will set me up well for the ride over to the West coast. Best I can do really given the proximity of the Cumberland Challenge, I'm sure all will be well :-)

ATL: 90.8 CTL: 88.6 TSB: -6.8

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