Saturday, 3 October 2009

Saturday Training


This was my first session done using an ergotrainer file produced using ERG+. Did a 2x20 session @ 80-90% with the periods of the efforts produced using the`"random" feature.

This session was definitely more interesting that the usual isowattage sessions with subtle, and some not so subtle, load changes during the session but always remaining within the load band I had specified, 80-90% of FTP.

The beauty of this is that it's much more like the road and also when my FTP changes this file can easily change be accordingly by altering just one figure. Also if I wanted to change this file to make it say 2% harder that is also very easily accomplished, this would be difficult to do on the road, if not impossible.

I think this approach should serve me well over`the Winter. The basic training principles of course remain unchanged but I think the closer indoor training can replicate the needs of the road the better. What I'm trying to do is to combine the best of indoor training and the best of road training without all the tedious junk miles on the road in poor weather, so-called "getting the miles in".

Unsurprisingly the TSS and IF "predicted" by ERG+ when I was planning the workout was almost exactly the TSS and IF calculated by WKO+

Planning the workout in ERG+

The resulting WKO+ file:

ATL: 70.1 CTL: 84.7 TSB: +14.7

[Uploaded 03/10/2009 16:16:09]

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